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Comprehensiveness, professionalism and a new look at real estate are the shortest words to define WAWEL-DOM NIERUCHOMOŚCI.

Thanks to a wide range of brokerage services, we are with you and for you, from the very beginning of your adventure with real estate. Knowledge of your needs and our diligence and responsibility will allow you to safely go through the process of buying, selling or renting real estate, turning this experience into a pleasant (also virtual) walk, the route of which you can define yourself, using the full package of services or services selected by you.

WAWEL-DOM NIERUCHOMOŚCI offers a new, non-contact (secure) offer of real estate services; purchase, sale and rent of: apartments, houses, plots and premises. You do not have to be our client to safely guide you through the interesting world of real estate, when you want to buy, sell, rent or invest.


1. Meeting.

First, let's meet. We adhere to the principle that it is best to cooperate with the person you have seen and talked to in direct contact. It builds our relationships and strengthens our trust. Over a good coffee, we will get to know your plans related to the sale or rental of real estate, your determination to implement this project and your motivation.

2. Valuation.

We approach each property individually. Our valuation of your property will be based on the transaction prices that actually took place. We do not rely on the offer prices on the portals, because the latest offers with apartment prices are often the owners' dreams and do not reflect the real market value. We will analyze recent transactions similar to yours and on this basis and the current market situation, we will make a thorough analysis of the valuation of your property.

3. Preparation of an effective marketing strategy and action plan.

Each property is different and each one requires us to take different actions. We analyze the offer, its potential, attractiveness against the competition, value and much more. We select the appropriate marketing plan (e.g. photo session, 360 virtual tour, promotional film, drone shots, real estate banners), adapted to the current market situation, so that we can sell or rent your property as soon as possible for a satisfactory price.

4. Preparation of an offer to be placed on portals.

The first step in preparing a good offer is to organize a professional photo session. If the property requires it, we prepare home staging, which is perfect for interiors that require "warming" and create a pleasant atmosphere. Then we proceed to the preparation of the property description. It should not be too long, but also not too short. Such that it contains the most important information that will interest the seeking client. There is huge competition on the market, especially in Krakow. Therefore, we must stand out from the competition, so that the attention of the looking customer attracts our offer and encourages him to choose a telephone number.

5. Promotion.

We take care of real estate offers that our clients entrust us with, and therefore we actively promote them on industry websites. We make sure that the number of offers is large and that the offers of our office are at the top of the lists available on portals with real estate offers. Due to the fact that most of the offers entrusted to us by our clients are contracts signed on an exclusive basis - we make every effort to ensure that these properties are distinguished and are on the front pages. If the infrastructure allows it, we hang an advertising banner on the balcony or in the window of a given property. We do not save on promotion of offers, we want the offers of our office to be visible.

6. Presentation of the property.

No real estate will sell or rent itself. For this you need an appropriate meeting at which an experienced agent will present all the advantages of a given property. Remember that usually from the first meeting, i.e. the customer's first impression, the continued success of the sale or rental of the property depends. What matters is not only a nice and cordial atmosphere, but also reliable knowledge and knowledge of the real estate market.

7. Price negotiation.

Property price negotiations are the domain of every Real Estate Agent. You have to face it. It is not as easy as it may seem. Many of you will probably think that it is child's play and it is enough to tell the client that he will not deviate from the price, because there are several other customers waiting for this property. Nobody believes in such selling techniques anymore and they are long gone. Successfully conducted negotiations will, firstly, lead to the finalization of the transaction, and secondly, the Parties will remain in good relations with each other. Contrary to appearances, conducting negotiations is an extremely difficult process, requiring strong nerves, assertiveness and mediation techniques from the negotiator. As competent Agents we have experience in conducting negotiations and we know how to do it well.

8. Acceptance of the price offer.

The property presented by us may turn out to be very attractive for several clients who will want to buy such property. Taking into account the above point, our agent will choose the best offer that the client who is looking for will make him. It will probably be preceded by negotiations. Our Agents will never choose the first, better offer for their client, just to finalize the transaction as soon as possible and get a commission, They will choose the best price offer for the client, even if you have to wait for such a client.

9. Completion of the transaction.

We are at the end of sales and here many questions arise - how will it be with all these formalities and documents? What should be done in turn? There are many questions, but fortunately the client contacted our Real Estate Agency to arrange all the formalities related to the finalization of the transaction for him. We want our clients to come to the signing of the unotarial deed feeling cared for by us, which is why we collect all documentation for them and we visit City Offices, Communes, Tax Offices, County Offices, Housing Cooperatives and Administration. We recommend proven notary offices with whom we cooperate. We make sure that our clients feel cared for and at ease.

10. Handing over the keys to the premises.

The last point of our cooperation. The last and the nicest for the parties. At such a meeting, we prepare a handover protocol and hand over the keys to the premises. In the case of real estate for rent, we prepare photos for the protocol, showing the condition of the property at the time of its transfer. We pay attention to any scratches, defects in the walls, furniture, etc. This allows us, after the termination of the lease, to check whether the defect appeared during the operation of the premises, or was there before. The photos taken for the delivery and acceptance protocol are then sent to the Parties to their e-mail addresses. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and possible arguments.

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