Lack of money is often the only reason that the purchase of your dream apartment / house remains a dream. It doesn't have to be that way. The financial specialists we work with will determine your creditworthiness free of charge and present a real estate financing offer. The cost of the loan is influenced, among others, by: the interest rate on the loan, i.e. the bank's margin and the interest rate (eg WIBOR), the bank's commission, insurance and other fees, eg for real estate appraisal. Often, a slight difference in the margin value in various bank offers can have a significant impact on the total cost of the loan. Financial specialists with whom we cooperate will compare the offers of several banks for you, prepare loan applications and guide you through the process of completing the documents for the loan. Thanks to this cooperation, you will save time and gain the opportunity to compare and select real estate loan offers in one place.

You pay nothing for this help! you only spend an hour of your time

Why is it better to take a loan with a Financial Advisor?

A loan taken with the help of a broker is often much more financially advantageous than if the client went to the bank himself - why ?: firstly - the broker has better negotiated conditions at the outset than the client "from the street", and secondly, the financial intermediary is able to suggest other solutions and, in addition, negotiate better conditions for the client, because he has experience in this - and the bank wants to cooperate with a good financial intermediary in the future - so it is more willing to make concessions from its standard offer. The customer does not bear any additional costs!

We save time. Instead of a dozen or so visits to many places, we have one or two visits in one office and a meeting with the same person who will look after us from the very beginning to the end. The intermediary's duties also include assistance in completing documents, piloting our affairs in the bank, supervising the analysis and granting process, e.g. a loan, as well as care at a later date.

Another significant advantage of a professional financial intermediary is the impartial presentation of a range of products and opportunities. An employee acting as an intermediary and representing a brokerage firm may not, unlike a bank adviser, promote one offer. The priority is to bring the client to use a product that is most suitable for him due to his financial and personal situation, his plans for the future and the current possibilities of both the client and the banks.


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