Kraków, Czyżyny, Aleja Pokoju

Parcel for sale

Property description

An agricultural plot for sale located next to the M1 Kraków shopping center, Aleja Pokoju.

The plot is located in the areas marked in the Local Plan of the city of Krakow with the symbol:

67.R.1 - Agricultural land, mainly used for agricultural land.

In terms of land development, it is agreed:
1) a ban on the location of buildings;
2) minimum indicator of biologically active area: 90%
3) maximum building height: 5m.

The shape of the lot is similar to a rectangle with dimensions:
width approx. 26 and 32.5 m, side length approx. 180 m and 160 m.
The total area is 4,463 m2.
Flat terrain, undeveloped area.

Feel free to contact me and present the property.

Opis oferty zawarty na stronie internetowej sporządzany jest na podstawie oględzin nieruchomości oraz informacji uzyskanych od właściciela, może podlegać aktualizacji i nie stanowi oferty określonej w art. 66 i następnych K.C.

Property description

Offer no. WWD-GS-63
Size 4 463,00 m²
Parcel utility Agricultural
Lot dimensions 180 m
Shape of parcel rectangle


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